Tomato University Line-Up for the Month of February

Have you visited Tomato University recently?

The number of classes we are offering is growing each month and the response has been great.

Here is February’s line-up and  just some of the nice things people have been saying about the classes.

Onsite SEO: Optimizing Content For Your Real Estate Blog

Calendar8th“This is an excellent class for new and seasoned blogger’s. I have been blogging for 2 years now and it was a super refresher course for me on a few things I forgot. Daniel has a great deal of knowledge and experience and I would recommend it to anyone.” ~ Rick Smenner

“Daniel gives a very detailed and easy-to-understand class on on-site SEO. Because of the experience with his community blog he lays out exactly what is necessary and walks you through the steps to increase your traffic. I personally appreciate the depth of what he covers. He clearly knows the material and is willing to share all of his knowledge. I have taken a few Tomato courses and find his sessions so helpful in taking my blogs to the next level.” – Melissa Riley

Offsite SEO: It’s Not ALL About Content

Calendar9“A+ Instructor, A+ Class Content. Every Tomato U member should listen to Danial Bates and take his Offline SEO Class. Give a very “necessary” overview and lay of the land explanation of how search engines (Google) thinks, ranks and hands out the valuable “Google Juice” or love that all of our business sites need to compete. Daniel is a wonderful teacher, communicator and experienced search engine guy, that has actually tried and tested all of his recommendations. Don’t miss this class AGAIN! Thanks Daniel for your valuable information and resources you shared in your OFFLINE SEO class today. Have become one of your raving fans and will contact you for some 1-on-1 training today!” ~ Nannete Circo

Google Analytics: Tracking Visitors To Increase Sales

Calendar15“The class was very informative, learn a lot of new information. The class was taught with a clear outline and accomplished it’s agenda. Professor spoke slowly and clearly, used examples to better explain. —- This was my first webinar and everything went so smoothly I was nervous that it wasn’t going to. I was able to take notes as well as follow along to what was going on, on the screen” ~ Patricia Flynn

“Really happy I took this class. Daniel was correct to focus on those aspects of Analytics that were relevant to the RE business and to warn us off those that did not apply.” ~ Jerry Hollerbach

Guide To Superior Hyper-Local Blogging

Calendar16“Daniel did an exceptional job in his hyper-local blogging class. He was clear and concise and his powerpoint was superb. You could tell that he had full knowledge of the subject and was very willing to share. Attending this webinar gives me great incentive to sign up for other Tomato courses. Well done! Lot’s of great ideas from an experienced person.” ~ Melissa Riley

“Daniel’s knowledge of hyper-local blogging is extremely helpful. Appreciated the instruction on iGoogle and how to choose keywords also. The graphic on the areas we should concentrate our hyper-local blogging is a keeper. I always learn something new and valuable.” ~ Lori Cain

Introduction To Social Media Marketing On Social Networks

Calendar22“Daniel was a great presenter. He did a very organized presentation and obviously had a lot of experience in the area. He also was honest about what he did not have experience with. It was a great overview of using social media. While there was not a lot of new information for me, I did pick up some very valuable tid bits that will be of great use.” ~ Karl Burger

Facebook Fan Page Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Calendar23“I’m so glad I waited to take this class with Daniel before setting up my Facebook business page!” ~ Donna Hamaker

Facebook Advertising: Building A New Audience

Calendar24“I followed the steps outlined by Daniel in the class and doubled the size of my old facebook page in one day. 5 days later and I have over 600 active fans and am so pleased with the results of his class” ~ Marty Van Diest