Thanks For The Robot, C.A.R.

electron_robotA curious package arrived the other day.

It’s contents just as curious. An Electron Robot and a note expressing that they would appreciate me blogging about it.

Apparently it has to do with a new marketing campaign that C.A.R. launched with the help of indie marketing firm Red Tettemer.

I was not sure I fully got the message. So I emailed Red Tettemer:

“So the bringing of two robots (new best friends) together is the end result of an effective CA REALTOR? And then we get robots in the mail to reinforce that message?”

“Exactly” was their response.

I’m still not sure how this curious campaign is supposed to help spread the intended message, but I’m doing my part since I know my son will love the little guy.

Thanks C.A.R.!

The curious box: