Wondering What’s Wrong With My Website?



Have you been working hard on your real estate website (or social media profile) and not getting the results that you expected?

Well we have a special free webinar planned at tackling our fans biggest question of them all “What’s Wrong With My Website?”

When: Tuesday, October 4th at 11am PST / 2 pm EST

How Long: 90 minutes or more!

How Much: $0, Zip, Nada! No Strings Attached and No Sales Pitches

Where to Sign Up: What’s Wrong With My Website? Webinar

Why You Should Attend: You’re probably used to hearing, “You get what you pay for” and most free training that I have attended has been worth what I paid.  This class is different because veteran bloggers, Jim Cronin and Daniel Bates will be giving up raw, honest feedback on real examples of real estate blogs.

We might make you laugh, we might make you cry, but more than anything, we hope to make you think about how you have been doing things on your blog and how might try things differently.

Those that submit a question will get the most our of this webinar, but everyone that attends will walk away with ways to improve their efforts.

Why This One Will Be Different: In previous free classes by the Real Estate Tomato, we have tried to answer as many questions as possible as quickly as we could to make everyone happy.

This time we’ve decided to tackle bigger questions and will really be digging into the websites and researching the content before the class  to try to offer the best advice that we can to a few lucky attendees, while still putting things in a light that makes these examples applicable to all who attend.

One Last Thing: In addition to this class we have also packed the Tomato University calendar with some really great training for the month of October.