The First 100 Days

James and the giant Tomato
Today marks the 100th day of existence for The Real Estate Tomato.

The Tomato grew from my own addiction to blog reading.

The irony is that I no longer have time to read those blogs that sustained my habit.  It seems, they were just a gateway to a much more serious dependency: The Tomato.

What was once the occasional diversion (I could stop at anytime) of reading blogs about baseball, gadgets and politics, has been replaced, along with my regular sleeping routine, with an edacity for real estate blogs and blogging.

Along with this addiction, also comes the addiction of stat watching.  I can’t go a day without wondering how many have visited the Tomato, how long they stayed, what they looked at and where they came from.

Here’s how far we’ve come in just 100 days:

(update – I have chosen to not republish a large percentage of the original posts on our current blog)
Total P.o.s.t.s.: 136
Total Comments 186
Unique Visits per day: 248
Page Views per day: 620
Average Page Views per visit: 2.5
Average Time Spent per visit: 4:15
Current Rank in BlogTopSites: 18th
Countries Represented: 35
Testimonials of appreciation: 32

The one element of blogging that I hadn’t anticipated in all my preparation for the Tomato is the kindness and generosity of the real estate blogging community.

These first 100 days of blogging have taught me so much, but what I have really come to understand is that I still have mountains of learning to climb.  The one element of blogging that I hadn’t anticipated in all my preparation for the Tomato is the kindness and generosity of the real estate blogging community.  I could say that it is the stats, or the search engine success, or the encouragement, or the business, or even the joy of writing that keeps me chugging along as a regular blogger but they would all be inaccurate.  It is the warm acceptance by other avid real estate bloggers that has made me feel that I am one of the gang.  It is to this gang I show my loyalty by blogging regularly.  I’m not going to blame them for my hardcore addiction, but rather, I would like to thank them for their friendship, readership and encouragement. It has never been lonely out here, and for that I appreciate them so much.

So here’s to all of you, you know who you are.
I had originally planned to list and link to you all, but I would feel terrible if I were leaving anyone out.
So I will just have to keep adding to the blogroll for now.  I’m working to improve on including everyone who has earned placement there.

Thanks again,

Your humble host,