Inman News Ranks Real Estate Tomato A Top 25 Most Influential Real Estate Blogger



Proud to be listed among such heavyweights on the RE Blogos.

Here are Inman’s Top 25 Real Estate Bloggers:

— Broker and Agent Blogs

Teresa Boardman
St. Paul Real Estate Blog

Ardell Della Loggia
Founder, SearchingSeattleBlog

Marlow Harris
Founder, 360Digest

Doug Heddings
Founder, TrueGotham

Noah Rosenblatt

— Community/ Multi-Author Blogs

Dustin Luther
Founder, Rain City Guide

Greg Swann
Founder, Bloodhound Blog

— Mortgage Blogs

Morgan Brown
Founder, Blown Mortgage

Todd Carpenter
Founder, Lenderama

CR and Tanta
Bloggers, Calculated Risk

Paul Jackson
Founder, Housing Wire

— Housing Economics

Jonathan Miller
Founder, Matrix

— Industry Commentary

Kevin Boer
Founder, 3Oceans Real Estate

Joel Burslem
Founder, Future of Real Estate Marketing

Patrick Kitano
Founder, Transparent Real Estate

— Marketing and How-To

Jim Cronin
Founder, Real Estate Tomato

Joseph Ferrara, Rudolph D. Bachraty III
Co-Founders, Sellsius Real Estate Blog

— Local Blogging

Jonathan Butler
Founder, Brownstoner

Adam Koval
Founder, SocketSite

— Company Bloggers


David Gibbons
Director of Community Relations, Zillow

Glenn Kelman
CEO, Redfin

— Journalist Blogs

John Cook
Reporter, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Writer, John Cook’s Venture Blog

Peter Coy, Dean Foust, Chris Palmeri, Maya Roney
Reporters, BusinessWeek
Bloggers, BusinessWeek’s Hot Property blog

— Bubble Bloggers

Founder, Housing Panic

Patrick Killelea
Blogger, Reality Parser