9 Things That Successful Real Estate Bloggers Do Not Want Their Competition To Know


1. Blogging Works

The simple formula of blogging regularly to a well defined audience pays off.

Most agents never get to experience this success because they:

A: Can’t commit to blogging a few times a week
B: Quit before they start to see results

So how long does it take to generate leads from blogging?

The answer is “it depends.” But you can help speed up your success by blogging with a specific target in mind. Instead of thinking that you need to be on the front page (of Google) for “San Diego real estate” in order to put yourself in a position to generate leads from your blogging, aim to be found by your target audience based on their specific needs.

Chances are, once you have really defined EXACTLY who you are aiming for, you realize that the phrase that they are searching with is not “San Diego real estate.” It is more specific; a community, a niche, a situation, a type of property… When you are focused on a specific target, you can’t approach it broadly.

For some this success comes in a matter of weeks, for others is can take months. But if you understand the above, and commit to writing to it, IT WILL WORK.

2. Blogging Is Easy

Blogging has made them relevant, current, competitive and savvy.

By definition it is just writing and publishing an entry to your blog/website.

The hardest part is getting motivated and finding the time to make it happen.

The most important thing is to hit publish as often as possible. That means Publish Pithy Posts!

3. The Leads Are Great

“Jim, I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and I love it. You have answered so many questions – some I didn’t even know I had. Anyhow – my wife and I are ready to talk to someone about selling our home and we’d love to meet with you.”

This is a typical lead that our blogging clients receive from their blogging efforts. Your audience gets to know you, your expertise, and dedication to their education before they contact you. And, it is for all these reasons that they do contact you.

Gone are the days of a database of fake emails and phone numbers entered just to access your property search.

4. Blogging Makes Them a Better Real Estate Agent

A dedicated blogger can see improvement in the following areas:

First Impressions.

All of which are hugely important to being a successful real estate agent.

Why Real Estate Blogging Makes You A Better Realtor, Part 1 of 3

5. They Dominate In The Search Engines

It’s no secret – the most common reason for our clients to start blogging is to take advantage of the awesome power a blog has for being found on Google.

Blogs can be very well optimized for search engine success. This coupled with a regular posting habit is the recipe for taking over the results pages for coveted search terms.

6. There Is Plenty Of Room To Compete

How many agents are in your association? 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 20,000? Out in the field, you are competing with a sizable percentage of them for new business.

You won’t find a market with 1% of members actively using content creation (blogging) as a marketing strategy. Heck I bet you can’t find one with 0.5% of the members blogging.

This means that there is plenty of room for you to carve out your own active audience for the most obvious of topics and locations.

7. The Sooner You Start The Sooner It Works

You won’t find a market with 1% of members actively using blogging as a marketing strategy.

The first thing keeping you from being a successful real estate blogger is getting started.

Your audience is out there waiting for you to establish a reason for them to start working with you.

Waiting until you “have the time” or “when the market slows” or “when I get an assistant to help” is just prolonging how long it will take to start getting leads.

8. They No Longer Suffer With A Bad Website

Bloggers understand what makes their site successful. They know why their site is being found in the search engines and why their leads are contacting them. They are familiar with the workings of their website. They are in control and the positive results happen because they make them happen

The mystery of how to generate business from the web is no longer there.

Blogging has made them relevant, current, competitive and savvy.

9. It’s The Best Marketing Money They Spent In The Last 5 Years.

You need a website, and you expect to pay for its development and hosting.  But now that you are in full control of its success, the cost to achieve it is measured only in effort, not dollars. Once you have everything in place, the act of blogging is free.

Improving your presence in the search engines with post: free
Building an audience around your expertise: free
Gaining the trust of your readers: free
Generating leads: free