Exactly How To Define Your Target Audience and Accelerate Your Blogging Success


Do you want blogging to generate real estate leads from the get-go?

Zero in on your target with unwavering focus.

This simple exercise below will make all the difference and clear the path to your success.
I guarantee it.

Step 1. Who’s your Bob?

I ask this of every new client that needs a little help with their approach to real estate blogging.

We just want you to define and commit to your target audience.

If I can help you generate 10 new contracts in the next 12 months, who exactly would you prefer to do business with? You have the chance right now, to define exactly who you are going to work with.

Who makes you enjoy your role as a real estate agent most?

– How old are they?
– Married?
– What is their family situation? Kids?
– What is the price range they are shopping (for buyers)?
– How much money does the household make?
– What do they do for a living?
– What level education have they completed?
– How many times have they done this before (bought/sold a home)?
– Where do they want to live?
– Are they from the area? (Or, where have they moved from?)
– What is their political lean?
– Religion?
– Serious hobbies (tennis, surfing, cooking…)?
– And on and on…

Step 2. What do the answers mean?

Now that you have defined Bob you need to start to see things from their perspective.

With regards to real estate consider this: Let’s say your bob is a family man: Once the kids are in bed, and he and his wife are talking about real estate, what questions do they need to sit down in front of the computer to have answered? Your blogging about real estate needs to be the best answers to their questions. When you solve this, blogging will instantly bring you business.

When you solve this, blogging will instantly bring you business

With regards to lifestyle consider this: When moving their young family to a new town/neighborhood what diversions will they be looking for? Soccer or swimming lessons for the kids? Parks to play in? Local golf club to join? Church to attend? Become part of that family and see things through their needs – now blog the heck out of that.

This works because Bob will find your site.
Bob will read your articles.
Bob will know that you wrote them for him, and he will trust that you are a great fit for doing business.