Why Real Estate Blogging Makes You A Better Realtor, Part 1 of 3


There are many unintended,
yet beneficial consequences of real estate blogging.

One that continues to reveal itself to our clients is how their blogging efforts continue to improve their skills as a Realtor.

Blogging to an audience, for your business, forces you to approach topics much differently than a business conversation in person.

A sound blog article is one that has been:

Had its facts checked
Considered from all angles
and well organized.

Take for example how one might explain, in person, the complete understanding of Closing Costs to a buyer, or the even the role Zillow plays in the perceived value of a client’s home.

Face-to-face, on your feet, these concerns may not be handled to the best of one’s knowledge or ability.  However, with the blog, you have time to research, consider and present your understanding of these topics in a clear and organized manner.  You may even find that you have educated yourself in the process.

litebulb This helps you accomplish two things:

1. The impression your audience receives from your article is the ‘best foot forward’ on topics that may be more challenging to handle ‘on the fly’.

Current and future clients will have a greater understanding on complex topics and appreciate the effort you have made for them.

2. You never know your subject better than the moment you hit ‘publish’ on your keyboard.
All the work you put in to ensuring that you have presented the facts on a topic has helped you hone your understanding as well as your response to detailed and difficult subjects.

The next time you are in a position where you need to handle these same concerns in person, you have a much clearer sense of your response.  Not to mention, you can send them to your blog, illustrating that you have made the commitment to presenting your response in a well organized and detailed manner.