Why Should I Blog? – It's About the Value of Being Seen as the Expert in Your Niche

Podium thoughtAs I was standing at the podium at the Christie’s Global Conference talking about the marriage that is Real Estate and Content, an idea struck me that at the time I only had a limited opportunity to touch on… knowing it deserved more.

The audience I was speaking to deals mostly in incredibly high end luxury homes.  We’re talking mansions, castles, villas and the like.  What struck me was the idea that if you were to break down the value of their time when applied to working with one of these listings, you’re easily looking at several hundred dollars an hour… and perhaps the prospect of putting several hours a week into blogging for business might be difficult to justify.

The more I thought about it and considered the true value of real estate blogging, one question came to be the measure: What would you invest to be the leader of an audience of potential and qualified clients looking forward to hearing from you?

The power of blogging and the answer to why you should, lies in the goal of developing an audience that you can lead.

Blogging is taking the initiative to be a leader,
a leader in thought, reporting, opinion and exposure.

In the offline world, you may have 90% percent of your market wrapped, but what about the online mind-share?
Are you seen as the leader?
Do you have the exposure?
Are your opinions respected?
Are you recognized as a resource that stands apart?

What would you invest to be the leader of an audience of potential and qualified clients looking forward to hearing from you?

When you push something forward as powerful as a well maintained and developed blog, something that you believe in, your audience will respond.  They will be attracted to your breaking from the status quo, and the content alone will provide you with the exposure necessary to draw them in the first place.

What has the investment been to be recognized as the leader in the world outside of the internet?  In most cases, it takes years of physical advertising costs coupled with an unwavering dedication to hard work and success for your clients.  Why should this seat be held with anything less for the world online?

The good news is that it (still) does, in fact, take less.  Much less.

By maintaining a quality blog, that is that resource, you are already doing more that 99.7% of your potential competition.
The number of quality blogs in any given market is lower than low, and it will be for years.  As a dedicated blogger, nailing topics that your intended audience is seeking, your exposure will be unrivaled and you will lead.

Since the search for answers to real estate needs starts on the internet, whether your hourly rate works out to be $30 or $3000, you can’t help but recognize the incredible return on the time investment you make with your blogging.