How Does Real Estate Blogging Put You In A Position To Score The Best Leads?

The Goal, as captured by Ray Lussier in 1970



This is the 5th in a series of brief blog articles inspired by Good Earth Tea® quotes.

“A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck.”
-James A Garfield 1831-1881

I played hockey as a boy and I believe the most important take away from the experience was that those who worked hardest had the best luck. Or rather, luck was nothing more than putting yourself in position for fortune more often than the others.

In front of the net you battled, and lived off the discards of the opposing goal keeper. To force a goal from there meant you needed the courage and determination (read: pluck) to stand your ground in order to be in position for the easy put-back.

It’s no stretch to claim that hard work & determination in blogging
will put you in the best position to generate the deserved lead.

The formula is simple, and for our regular readers a dead horse well flogged: 

The more you publish, the more you are spidered by the search engines for your content.
The more you are spidered, the more you appear in the search result pages.
The more you appear the more often you are chosen by those preforming the search.
The more visits to your content, the more you are read.
The more you are read, the more your audience comes to trust you as an expert.
The more you are trusted the more relationships you create.
The more relationships you have the more business you generate from your efforts.

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