How To Find Blogging Inspiration In The Smallest Of Things: Good Earth Tea Quotes


When I need a mid-day mental boost I prefer tea over coffee. Yerba maté is my favorite for its energy kick without the jitters. The focus improvement may just be placebo, but don’t tell my brain that.


Recently I have been drinking the yerba maté rich Good Earth® Energizing Tea. It’s much less of a process than the traditional manner of preparing maté.

Anyone who drinks Good Earth® will notice that printed on the tag of each bag is an inspirational quote.

I’ve collected a few dozen of them and wanted to see how easy it would be to apply each quote to some real estate blogging advice. The exercise is as much a vehicle to deliver counsel as it is an illustration of the usefulness of whimsical inspiration and succinct postings.

Today’s inspirational quote (as seen on the image at the top of the article) is:

“‘Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”
-Abraham Lincoln

As useful as I think this bit of advice from our stovepipe hatted president can be when it comes to chiming in on a topic with which you are not intimately familiar, I do see it as terrible advice for a blogger.

One of the main objections to publishing one’s thoughts online is the fear of being seen as a fool.  And although for many this is entirely possible, for those whom have firm ownership of their subject they should publish freely.

… I do see it as terrible advice for a blogger.

Tools alone on a website do not illustrate your expertise. You must showcase what you know about your audience’s needs. Answer their questions while and before they ask them. Cover topics so completely that you are clearly the resource they seek.

So while you may apply Abe’s advice at your next cocktail party as politics wafts its way into conversation, recognize that sound blogging will have you thought of as the expert in your own field.