Why Real Estate Blogging Makes You A Better Realtor – Part 3 of 3


Today’s article is the final installment of a series called “Why Real Estate Blogging Makes You A Better Realtor” that has been inspired by conversations I have had with the hundreds of real estate blogging clients we train and ourselves learn from.

The idea is that the act of blogging as a Realtor actually has the unintended, yet beneficial consequence of improving your skills as a Realtor in addition to improving the perception of you by your current, past and future clients.

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This final installment is focused on how there are certain disciplines required of a successful blog, and how the development of these disciplines will improve your personal skills and the perception of these traits by your audience.


Blogging is a Marathon, not a Sprint.  This point becomes all that much more clear the more you look around the real estate blogosphere and see just how long and how regularly the top bloggers in the industry have been blogging.

Success, both in the Search Engines and in the Incubation of your Audience is achieved with Perseverance and Consistency

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Focus and Organization

Presenting a clear organization of the focus of your blog is essential to your audience’s understanding of your strengths and interests.
The Categories of your Blog define the Outline of your Content.  Much like a newspaper organizes their media into dependable categories (Front Page News, Local News, Sports, Business, Life, etc.), your blog’s focus and overall perceived value can depend on a similar approach.

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It can be argued that networking with other bloggers, in and outside of your niche (or area), is absolutely essential to your blog’s success.
Yet, it also seems to be the most commonly overlooked effort by newer, invigorated bloggers.

Blogging is a relationship building tool.  The outward effort of publishing articles and responding to the comments is just half the battle.  Reading and participating with those in your industry helps build your knowledge, reach, referral base, and exposure.

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litebulb The 3 elements above improve your life as a Realtor in TWO significant ways:

1. Personal Change

Blogging forces you to raise your game to meet the challenge and it exposes where there is room for improvement.

By embracing the above to improve you skills and develop your success as a blogger, you in turn find these disciplines popping up in other aspects of your personal and professional life.  Blogging forces you to raise your game to meet the challenge and it exposes where there is room for improvement.

Dedication, focus and organization are traits of any successful business… and the implementation of them in your career can be the spark that you need take your business to the next level.
Here are two recent testimonials that illustrate this effect:

“Jim – Thanks again for being the single most positive impact on my real estate career.”
John C. Coley – LakeMartinVoice.com

“What you learn from them [the Tomato Team] is leaps and bounds beyond anything in the epro class or any other real estate class for that matter.
I haven’t been this excited about real estate….well since never.”
Mary DeLuca – BeltwayRamblings.com

2. Audience Perception

Your audience recognizes the effort you consistently put into your business and will look to work with someone with your diligence.
Your audience recognizes the dedication you consistently put into their learning and will look to work with someone with your passion.
Your audience recognizes the wisdom with which you write and will look to work with someone with your experience.
Your audience recognizes the humanism with which you pen your articles and will look to work with someone with your personality.
Your audience recognizes your participation in the comments and will look to work with someone with your availability and transparency.

Thank you for following our 3 part series.  If you have some examples of how blogging has positively affected your skills as an agent, we’d love to hear from you.  We think it is so important that beginning bloggers understand how blogging can be so much more than simply writing.