Who Are You Blogging For?

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A common question I hear is, who should I be blogging for?  Or rather, who makes up the audience I am reaching out to with my blog?

Let’s consider the potential audience that would actually be reading a real estate blog in the first place.  Beyond the real estate blogging community that keeps tabs on your effort, it is the deep information seeker that takes the time to absorb your articles.  In the topic of real estate, who needs information more than the first timer and the ‘relocator’? Other obvious info seekers are first time investors and those with challenges they need to overcome (read: credit, repairs, value, etc). However, the more seasoned audience (past clients, 3rd home buyers etc) is less anxious for education.

If the audience has a need for elementary knowledge, then make it obvious that you are there to provide them with what they need most.
It may seem obvious to do so, but we can’t forget that they are not even close to understanding the real estate industry, as you do. Presenting comprehensive and complete resources to handle the most common concerns of your novice audience will help you gain their readership more effectively.

First Time Buyers

When it comes to making the most important financial decision in one’s life, the potential list of questions might as well be endless.  From making the decision to look into the benefits of buying a home, to the prequalifation process, to the submittal of offers, right up to the close, there are never ending opportunities for education.

First Time Sellers

No fewer concerns arise in the selling process as do in the first time buying process.  Home valuation, curb appeal, staging, negotiation, contingencies, inspections, and open houses are just the beginning. Make note of selling FAQ’s, it’s what people are most frequently looking to have answered.

Your plan of attack needs to consider your target audience.


Schools, Jobs, Entertainment, Neighborhood Comparisons, Demographics, Service Providers, barely scratch the surface when it comes to listing the interests a relocation reader will appreciate.  Covering the local amenities and events not only solidifies your roots in the community but seeds the search engines with content that will attract readers investigating your region.

Challenges to Overcome

If you’ve been burned on the most important investment in your life, be sure you will educate yourself to avoid it possibly happening again.
The blog that provides insight, observation and solutions to the distressing challenges of a bad real estate situation brings hope and clarity to an attentive audience

First Time Investors

Timing, Taxes and Location.  The process itself can’t compete with the need to learn about achieving the best bottom line.

Your plan of attack needs to consider your target audience.  Grasping their needs, habits and demographic will solidify a regular, regularly growing and appreciative readership.