Use Your Real Estate Blog to Reach Out and Touch Someone, They’ll Touch Back


♫Reach Out and Touch Someone♫
Remember that jingle?

Use Your Real Estate Blog to Reach Out and Touch Someone, They’ll Touch Back

By Teresa Boardman

The telephone company AT&T used to use it. That was before telemarketers made answering the phone a truly frightening experience.

st_paul_with_red_inkJim and I have had a few conversations over the years; yes it has been years, about voice.  However, neither one of us has written much on the topic.

It isn’t an easy topic, and I think I have begun to understand it a little better, by listening to the feedback I get from my readers.

When they meet me in person they tell me that I sound just like my blog.  Good thing because I do everything I can to keep my blog real, honest and unique. I do that by writing about the ordinary in my ordinary voice.  That voice is the easiest to write in, it comes naturally and effortlessly.

At some point in my formal education, ironically, I was taught that we are not supposed to write like we talk.  My style is simple, and not very wordy.  In business writing, a simple an informal voice is a no-no, same with college papers, or a thesis.  I had one boss who hated everything I wrote and would scribble all over it with a red pen.

My blogs are different, they are informal, and red pens mess up the screen. Writing about the ordinary in an ordinary voice is a way of reaching out and touching people. Writing in a conversational tone, and throwing in some photographs of Real Estate and of scenery from around town can be almost magical.

It is that ordinary, simple voice that our readers listen too and are attracted too. It creates a warm spot on the internet, which can be cold and impersonal.  People fall in love with each other through the internet, that is how powerful words can be. They are attracted to each other through words and then use them to form a bond.

I know that I can make friends through the internet.  I used to think they were not real friends, until I started meeting some of them in person.  The friendships are very real and as important in my life as friendships with people who do not live in my computer.

Writing about the ordinary in an ordinary voice is a way of reaching out and touching people.

If it is possible for two people to fall in love through the internet, and it is possible to make friends through the internet, it is also possible to attract clients through it. It doesn’t depend on great writing; it has to be done through writing that shows who we are, our values, and our areas of expertise.

Blog posts can be written in that very same voice that is used for writing emails to a friend, the kind of emails that describe a vacation or share an idea.  That voice we use in what we used to call letters.

Everyone has a voice. It simply has to be found and used.  Unfortunately, we are taught to write in unnatural ways that make writing a chore, when it should be effortless, and at times fun.  In my case I was never taught to write so it isn’t an issue.  Unlearn what you may have been taught and let that voice come out.

Your readers will fall in love with you, when you reach out and touch them with your voice.

Teresa Boardman is an exceptionally professional Realtor in the St. Paul, Minnesota area.

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Thank you Teresa.
As always, it’s a pleasure having you ‘on the Vine’.