Twitter and The Real Estate Blog


When I talk with someone about what they are doing for their current online marketing strategy, I more often than not hear them mention: “I’m using Twitter” [among other things, of course].

To date, none of people I have spoken with claim to have ‘done business’ because of it.

However, that doesn’t immediately disqualify Twitter as a pragmatic use of one’s time.

Twitter can play a beneficial role in one’s marketing effort but in order for it to work, perspective must be drawn and considered.

Expectation of Your Twitter Audience.

Twitter is a very whimsical environment.

You think that you are being asked to be profound with just 140 characters.  The reality is that none of your followers have that expectation of you, so relax.  They are looking for something to make them smile, pique their interest/curiosity/inspiration.  For most, the easiest way to accomplish this by linking to an article, picture or video… not with a static statement limited by 140 characters.

Consider their expectations and work to provide them with what they consider and item of value.  By posting that item of value on your blogsite, and linking to it from Twitter, you bring them to the environment where you have the best chance of earning that trust you need to develop a relationship with a future client.