The Unintended And Unexpected Consequences Of Writing A Real Estate Blog

Walmart_greeterAs the Tomato had mentioned, blogging is a marathon and does take commitment.  By now everyone knows that my blog is for lead generation, and that it seems to be working.   Our market in the twin cities is a bit slow,  and we have plenty of Realtors, if not for the blog brining in business I would be considering a new career at Wal-Mart as a greeter.

This post isn’t about lead generation.  it is about what I call the unintended and unexpected consequences of writing a real estate blog.

1.  Speechless In St. Paul

There is not need to talk anymore.   I just direct people to one of my blogs.  Clients send emails with questions I send a link to a post on the subject.  It wasn’t until I started my blog that I discovered talking is highly overrated because I can’t use pictures, tags or links. I can type much faster than I can talk and am finding that the blog is a time saver.

2.  People Outside Of Minnesota Know My Name.

Name recognition seems to be greater outside the state than inside.  A couple of big city news papers have included my name in their articles as have a couple of national real estate publications.  I recently attended a regional conference by agents from Minnesota and surrounding states. My name was on a place card and a couple of people were standing by the table waiting for me to arrive because they knew me from my blog, and wanted to meet me in person.   After they left I had to introduce myself to the Minnesota realtors at the table and explain where I work and why persons from other states would be remotely interested in meeting me.  Then I had to explain what a blog is.

3.  I Have Met Some Amazing People.

Real estate blog writers are the best.  They send notes of encouragement and emails to let me know when I am out of line.  There are blog writers that share ideas, answer questions, and of course comment on posts.   Writing a blog sometimes feels like being in a large empty room.  When first started I could even imagine the echo.  Now when I write I know someone is out there reading.

4.  New Real Estate Blog Writers Ask Questions.

I get notes from all over the country.  I answer each, although not as quickly as I would like to.   They all apologize for taking my time.  I thank each one of them for teaching me something new.  In most cases their questions inspire me to write a post or to tweak my own blog.  There is no better way to learn than to help or to teach others.

5.  Learning New Skills.

My communication skills, and photography skills have improved and my presentation and public speaking skills have gone up a notch or two. The blog led to a teaching a course I give more presentations and have more public speaking opportunities. I still trip and drop my notes but I know that the people listening are mostly laughing at what I am saying.

There should be ten in this list because lists on blogs should always be in tens.  No one knows who made that rule. Coming up with five more wouldn’t be hard to do but this is Jim’s blog, maybe he can give us five more.  I think I met the tomato in cyber space too, which shows that we meet all types on the internet including people that masquerade as fruit, a subject for another post I am sure…

Teresa Boardman is an exceptionally professional Realtor in the St. Paul, Minnesota area.

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Thank you Teresa.  As always, it’s a pleasure having you ‘on the Vine’.