The Secret To Developing Real Estate Blog Content

Shhh_smallBlogging at it’s finest is when it is an extension of your everyday business relationships.

I am frequently asked where I come up with content for the Tomato, and specifically for the blogging advice articles that I have written.  I think that the better question is, where should one look for content for their own blog that is going to persevere as much as it is going top impact their target audience?

When doing business as a real estate agent, your role is much more than that of an educator… but to your clients, this role can often be the most important.
How many questions do you answer for each client throughout the entire home-buying and/or home-selling process?

The content that falls under Blogging Advice here on the Tomato is inspired by conversations I have with agents looking to better understand how to leverage the blog as an effective marketing tool.  The questions you all have do not always have concise answers, hence the inspiration for a comprehensive look at these topics.

When I am asked for real estate blog content ideas, the response I give is a series of questions.

How many buyers are you working with?  Sellers?
What is the most common concern you are hearing from them?
What is the greatest challenge you have to overcome for them?

I asked these questions of a new client in Naples, FL today and his response was fantastic.  “We’re basically in a Mexican Standoff,” he said.  “Sellers are having visions of 2004 and buyers want to wait until the prices come down even further.”  “Now that’s the best topic for a real estate related post I have heard all week.” I told him.

Developing blogging topics is not difficult.

Quality blogging content is swirling all around you with every business conversation you have.  Once you recognize these exchanges with clients as potential blogging topics, simply make note of the meaty parts.  The challenge is finding the time to get it all down in text.