Organic Search Placement – Why Real Estate Agents NEED It!


Denny Oh, Tomato Graduate out of San Diego, CA, sent me a link the other day letting me know it would make for good blog fodder.  So I challenged him to make it happen, and he did

Organic Search Placement – Why Real Estate Agents NEED It!

By Denny Oh

As I was deleting (notice, I didn’t say reading) all my emails this morning from my inbox, I saw one from RISMedia that caught my eye – Why Organic Search Placement is the Best Form of Advertising You Can Have. Granted, it’s a pretty boring, not to mention lengthy, headline, but it obviously worked.

Since I use blogging as my primary marketing tool, I figured I’d take a look.  The article didn’t really point out anything new, but it did reinforce what I already knew and it also motivated me to blog more.  The author, Mike Parker, shared something he learned from his first boss that really made a lot of sense…”The problem with advertising is that there are unlimited places to spend money on advertising but only limited monies to spend.”  And since many of us are going over our yearly budgets, I, like many of you, can surely relate to this.

Blogging – we all know we should be doing it, but do you really understand why?
Here are a few key points that made a lot of sense….

People have Become Desensitized

As Parker points out, people are “bombarded with advertising messages” and are blasted with ads everywhere they go – on TV, the radio, newspapers, online, etc.  As a result, consumers don’t pay attention to the ads and simply “edit them out.”  Here’s where Organic Search Placement(read – blogging) comes into play.

Let Them Come to You

If you try and capture everyone through your advertising, chances are, you’re going to be extremely disappointed. With Organic Search Placement, you, the advertiser, are targeting a specific buyer/market.  By blogging about specific neighborhoods, or buildings, etc, Parker states that you’re catering to “the buyers personal search for the exact thing the buyer is looking to purchase.  It is a totally passive advertising strategy – bringing them to you.”

This is the key – have them contact you. By blogging, you’re not throwing tons of information at people.  Unless they subscribe to your blog (which means they want to read your posts), they’re typically only going to find your site from a search on Google, or whatever other search engine they use.  This eliminates the issue of them being flooded with information that they’re not looking for.  They’ll only find your site/info when they are looking for it.

For example…if someone is looking to find some information on the Grande South floor plans in San Diego, they might Google “grande south floor plans san diego.”  If they did, then they’d find that my blog comes up at the top of their search.  They don’t care who I am, but they do care that I have information on the Grande South and its floor plans – I’m not emailing them about the Grande or it’s floor plans, yet, they’re coming to me.

Blog a Ton

The article states that “if you have exactly what they want, 81% of the time, they will buy it from you.” Parker also indicates that 81% of Internet buyers will stick with the first agent they pick and that 92% of Internet home buyers choose their agents from a major search engine.  I’ve found that the more I blog, the better search results I get – duh.  But what I didn’t realize, is how much of a snowball effect this has.  For example, look at how someone got to my site – Google this – “office buildings in san diego owned by BOSA.”

Now I don’t know of any office buildings owned by BOSA, but because I have a lot of content about BOSA, Google recognized me as a authority and placed me at the top of the results.  My point is, blog a lot and be specific – become an authority.

Get Help

Chances are, if you’re reading this post, you’re already a client of the Tomato.  If you’re not, you should be.  I’m not a Tomato employee, nor am I getting paid to write this.  I’m just another happy customer that is literally, living off of my blog. Since I started my blog about a year ago, I’ve closed multiple deals from it and am currently working with several clients as a direct result of it.  I can honestly tell you that this is by far the best tool I have, in terms of marketing.

Good luck!

Thanks Denny – we love having you on the Vine.

Denny Oh is an exceptionally professional Realtor in the San Diego, CA area.
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