Looking For Ready To Act Buyers? Blog These Proven To Succeed Real Estate Topics

As promised last week, Monday Real Estate Blogging Advice Posts will now be the result of the collective collaboration from our own Clients, the Tomato Bloggers.

This Week’s Collaborative Blogging Advice Topic:

What Should Realtors Be Blogging About In Order To Attract Ready To Act Home Buyers?


As a disclaimer, I don’t know that there is an objectively correct answer to the question, given that every target market is different, be it urban or rural, or beach front or mountain living.  Nonetheless, it made for a fascinating conversation in the Tomato Forum.  Here’s what we made of it:

The Internet Lead is generally considered to be a lead that is going to take some time to incubate.
The length of time thrown around is usually 6–18 months.
Can real estate blogging help a lead develop more quickly, or rather can blogging attract leads that are further along in their own incubation?

Blogging about the Neighborhoods is an obvious choice, but it is how and where you choose to write about that brings the quality of leads.

As Cyndee Haydon Described:

“Neighborhood Posts

I have found that when I write about the area, for example Tampa Bay (2 million+ people)- I get prospects that are 12-24 months out;

When I blog about a local City – like Clearwater (100,000 people) I get more 12 month and under buyers;

When I blog about a neighborhood / condo complex like Sandpearl (100 to 1000 residences):
I get what I call NOW buyers 1-6 months out.

Why? My experience has been that if they have drilled down to where they “know the neighborhood they want to live”, they appreciate and value finding a real local expert. [I find this] especially true with relocating buyers.”

Blogging for the Relocation Buyers and Tourists also proves worthy.

Relocation Buyers most commonly come from two sources: Career Transfer or Tourist.

This has the topic of relocation represented broadly across 2 elements:
Things To Do While In Town
Local Business Highlights
Recreation and Parks
And on and on…

If we are Selling the Dream would not blogging about the Dream in your Market be a winner? Cyndee Haydon

Things To Consider To When Moving To Town
School Systems and Scores
Job Opportunities and Big Employers
Religious Services
Civic Groups and Clubs
Sports Facilities and Gyms
Local Political Issues (tread carefully)
And on and on….

And most importantly for both groups: Lots and Lots and Lots of Pictures.
Take them yourself – Never leave home without your camera – Shoot everything!


The point with the most impact of the conversation was revealed in a question:
What Do Buyers Dream About in Your Market?”
If we are Selling the Dream, would not blogging about the dream in your market be a winner?

Again, I quote this weeks MVB (Most Valuable Blogger): Cyndee Haydon

“Lifestyle Posts

I have found if I can start a dialogue that includes lifestyle and hobbies – I am on an “emotional level” and can help sell the dream versus being seen on a commodity level – (for example: Ever see buyers not value your MLS feed? – They think the computer did all the work…what’s your value?)

Because of where I live (Florida, Beaches, Golf, Boating, Biking, Birding), if I can offer info or get a dialogue around these things I totally differentiate myself.  [These topics] create “rapport” since we found a common interest/expertise.

I am using local experts to bring unique info to my blogs not found easily anywhere else.
For example – I just interviewed a local kayak company about kayaking here in the Clearwater area.

Can real estate blogging help a lead develop more quickly, or rather can blogging attract leads that are further along in their own incubation?

Audience Impression – It’s How You Are Blogging, Not What You Are Blogging.

It used to be that when Buyers were ready to buy a home or condo they drove the neighborhood and called the agent with the sign in the yard. Now buyers are driving the internet to do their research and they’re contacting the real estate agent with the most knowledge and expertise in that neighborhood and/or lifestyle.

Showcase Expertise and Understanding

Write from the Buyer’s Perspective:
Illustrate that you understand what is in it for them.

Provide Social Proof:
Links to Written and Video Testimonials at the end of articles.

Blog What You Know: – Be seen as an expert, because you are the expert.
Why Blogging Makes You A Better Realtor, Part 1
Why Blogging Makes You A Better Realtor, Part 2
Why Blogging Makes You A Better Realtor, Part 3

Stay On Top Of Local Issues:
Your local rag as well as the real estate sections of the newspaper are topics buyers will be discussing.

Develop Useful Calls To Action

Appear Approachable:
Asking open ended questions invites the dialogue

Provide FREE Value:
MLS Searches, Home Value Reports, Real Estate Reports, etc.

The Downloadable eBook:
Compile useful posts into downloadable guides: Dining, Park Review, Market Trends, Neighborhood Breakdowns etc.

Be Positive

Buying A Home Is A Very Exciting, Happy Time
Blogging about the positive and the awesome opportunity is going to gel well with this audience

Handle Objections
Regularly bringing clarity to common concerns keeps buyers on track, and avoids issues that can linger.

and finally…


If you blog it they will come… So don’t blog about markets or neighborhoods or issues that you don’t want to develop inquiries about.

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