Being Business Friendly In Business Blogging

Blown Mind

Business Blogging is not:

Gossip is rumor.  Good business needs good facts.

A Journal
The day-to-day events in your life are not business.  Don’t assume that your site’s traffic is the same as having interest in you personally.

A Story
Stories that are not related to your business aren’t providing the audience with what they come for.  Stories, like journal entries, should be avoided.

Have you been busy?  Been under the weather?  Family in town?  Your readers don’t care.  Those that do, and encourage you to keep writing about your life are not new business.

Business blogging is blogging for business.
Business blogging is blogging for leads.
Business blogging is blogging for your current clients.
Business blogging is blogging for your future clients.
Business blogging is blogging for your past clients.

Business Blogging is

Gossip is breaking news.  Being on top of your subject is good for business.

A Journal
A chronological account of events regarding a business scenario can be very revealing as to the details of the scenario.

A Story
A great analogy is one that illustrates what is trying to be described with a fitting example.  A good story can drive the message home.

Putting a face to the words brings comfort and helps readers relate.  Showing your ‘human’ side will help you connect with readers.

Business blogging is an opportunity to build relationships with your audience.
Business blogging is an outlet for your creativity, passion and knowledge.
Business blogging is a discipline that will force you to be more vocal about your business.
Business blogging is cool.

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