The 4 Decisions

That make all the difference

The 4 Decisions

That make all the difference

4 key decisions determine how effective a website you’ll have.

Doing what everyone else does keeps you ordinary.
Break the mold. Let’s create a website that truly impresses.

4 decisions determine how effective a site you’ll have.

Doing what everyone else does
keeps you ordinary.
Break the mold. Let’s create a website
that truly impresses.

1. Narrow and define the smallest viable audience that you want to service

We know that by trying to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

Making the decision of who you truly aim to impress with your website is crucial. In order for your website to be effective, it needs to make an immediate connection with your audience. When you try to make that immediate connection with too many different types of audiences, you fail to connect with any of them. Imagine yourself on stage in front of 1000s of people. Should you try and come up with messages that everyone in the room can relate to, or should you focus in on a few in the front of the room and aim to connect with just them? Because of the number of valleys of differences that exist among the 1000s, you're either going to bore them or confuse them as you work to address them all. Looking a select few right in the eyes and speaking specifically to them will establish a strong connection with not only those few, but those in the audience that are similar. Much of the audience will sense this clear connection and nod along. Of course you risk losing a percentage of the whole, but the strength of the connections you make with the others is where your business opportunities lie.

Define this audience as specifically as you can. Your website's success depends on it.

2. What challenges does this audience hope to solve by visiting your site?

After defining the smallest viable audience, consider why they would to come to your site. They are expecting the internet to provide answers to their questions, and they hope you are that solution. Try to see things from their perspective. What answers are they still seeking that all the other websites are failing to answer for them? This is your opportunity to showcase that you are the solution to their needs. By offering what everyone else offers you'll never stand out. Sometimes your offer is truly unique. Sometimes it's just a matter of repackaging the same-old same-old in a new wrapper. Listen to your target audience, they have been telling you what they want help with over and over.

3. If your visitor learns only one thing about you, what is that take away?

Visiting your website will leave an impression; you are useful, or you are not. Decide the most important reason you are useful to your target audience and make this clear the moment the website loads. As that reason keeps them on the site, continue to reiterate it, leaving an indelible impression.

4. What unique offer would your target exchange their contact info for?

If you want a sale you have to ask for it. Present the offer that is worth exchanging their contact info, time, and/or money for. Littering your website with stale calls-to-action kills any enthusiasm your effective impression may have made. An opportunity to speak with you (the expert) could be that unique offer. Or perhaps it's a service you offer that needs to be clearly defined.

Whatever it is, this is your opportunity to transition a visit into a conversation.

  • “Real Estate Tomato is not your ordinary real estate website design company. They really do go the extra mile by taking the consultant role into finding your target audience and tailor your website to reach that audience with the correct message. Every single aspect of the website design is a cohesive message you give to your clients about your business. I can’t tell you enough how much they have helped my business! I recommend RE Tomato to anyone that wants a hands-on approach and custom website that you will be proud of and your clients and future clients will fall in love with!”

    Krish D’Errico
    Realtor® in Clermont, FLx
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