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Here are the most common questions we are asked about ADA / WCAG Compliance:
1Is the need for my website to be ADA WCAG Compliant real?
Very much so. With global legislations such as ADA Title III, AODA and EN301549 websites are now considered public accommodations and must comply with web accessibility guidelines. Lawyers are threatening litigation on businesses that are not complying with the ADA/WCAG Guidelines
2Can't I just post a statement on my site that offers direct help for any person having difficulty using my site?
A statement on your website is absolutely not going to make it compliant. This is akin to having a sign out front of your shop that said: If you're having trouble walking up our stairs just let us know and we'll come pick you up. As you can imagine the ADA lawyers would be all over that.
The reasoning is the following: As soon as anyone with a disability comes to your site they will not be able to use assistive technologies to even find/read the statement so what good does the statement do without the accessibility improvements applied?
3Why is ADA Compliance not just included with my current website?
Currently, web accessibility compliance is very complex. This is similiar to how back before 2014 mobile responsive web design was incredibly complex (and expensive). Eventually, the tools/platforms caught up to the demand for mobile friendly sites and it is now an expected feature.  Unfortunately not being compliant comes with a sudden risk of being a target for legal action against you. I expect that due to this pressure, the tools used to create websites will eventually evolve to have accessibility features baked in. But for now that is not the case, and accessibility compliant companies are able to take advantage of that opportunity, and offer you an immediate solution.
4Can my web company fix my site to be ADA Compliant?
Probably not, but even if they could there are a few real challenges.
- Cost. As mentioned above, and outlined in the ADA/WCAG Guidelines, web accessibility compliance is very complex. The level of programming and quality assurance that would need to be done would cost several thousands of dollars.
- Time. The amount of work needed to be done for your site to be compliant would be extensive, and depending on the web team, and their availibility and expertise, it could take months to accomplish.
- Continued compliance. The ADA laws and guidelines are evolving and will likely be different next year, and the year after that. So continued attention will be required to maintain compliance.
- Design Sacrifice. Given the amount of elements on your website that need to be programmed to be ADA compliant, you will need to sacrifice many of the current design elements you enjoy in order to offer proper compliant functionality.
5Why is it a monthly (or annual) cost instead of just a one-time fee?
Since the solution for ADA Compliance is an always-on application/service, and not a one-time "fix" of your website, it comes with a perpetual subscription.

The state-of-the-art AI technology continues to deep scan your website every 24 hours, looking for new and revised content to remediate. It also offers an accessibility dashboard, and accessibility statement visible 24 hours a day.
1Will I have to pay this subscription for as along as I have a website?
In order to maintain compliance for your current site, you will need to pay for a service that automatically provides this compliance. It is likely however, that future versions of your website will be able to take advantage of a more advanced platform that offers ADA compliance baked in. However this is not the case currently.
2What am I risking by my website not being ADA WCAG Compliant?
Legal action taken against you. Lawyers fees. Court fees. Penalty fees. And then the cost to get your site ADA compliant, if you have any money left.
20% of people have a disability that does not allow them to access and experience the internet as those without disability do. With the integration of the accessiBe app you are providing solutions for the hearing impaired, visually impaired, and the cognitive challenged.
3 How can I tell if my current site is ADA Compliant or not?
Unless you have invested recently in ADA Compliance remediation or an automated compliance solution then your site is not compliant. But if you just want to check to make sure, contact us and we will perform a FREE (no obligation, no credit card, no sales call) ADA Compliance Audit on your site. Send us your email address and website address and we'll send you an incredibly detailed audit right away.
4How can I be sure if my website is ADA Compliant with accessiBe?
We have use AI scanning tools that detect compliance according to the WCAG which is widely adopted by legislation around the world, ADA, AODA, EEA, IS5568 and others. We will run your website through these tests and get you a formal audit confirming or denying your compliance status.
5Will I be immune from legal action against me and my business regarding ADA Compliance?
Litigation can be taken against anyone at any time, so we can't make any promises. But we can provide you with compliance dates, reports, and status, which can help you and your team decide on a course of action. By pro-actively making your website accessible to those with disabilities and by exhaustvely meeting each requirement as defined in the ADA/WCAG Guidelines you will likely not see yoursef as a target for litigation.