Hosting and Service

Fast. Secure. Backed-Up. Ready.

Hosting and Service

Fast. Secure. Backed-Up. Ready.

Real Estate Website Hosting That You Can Depend On


CloudFlare Protecting and Accelerating Your Hosted Website.

  • Our up-time report for the last year was 99.99% as reported by and
  • Our Real Estate Website Hosting partner is Digital Ocean
  • Blazing speeds: Average client website load speed:
    1.72 seconds as reported by
  • Automatic regular backups
  • Instant scalability
  • Protection from monsters
  • 100% recovery rate since 2007
  • Caching, Accelerating, and additional Protection provided by


Our customer support staff is available online/email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, excluding major holidays.

Our phone support is available for calls and appointments from 8am PST until 6pm PST Monday thru Friday, excluding major holidays.

Guaranteed 24-hour response on any request.

For $50/month, our standard service benefits include:

  1. No charge on all minor edits, changes, updates, fixes that take less than 20 mins* to complete. (this alone is worth the $40/ month ☺)
  2. “You break it we fix it” service for all our website clients. No extra charge for fixing anything you break.
  3. Access to an incredibly well trained and experienced support staff covering topics of WordPress, Blogging, SEO, Hosting, and Real Estate Online Marketing.
  4. Free, regular upgrades for the WordPress platform and Plugins.

All for just $50 a month.

* Edits that are estimated to take longer than 20 minutes are quoted based on a $75/hr rate and will require approval before being executed. 92% of client edit requests in 2019 were tackled at no cost to the client.

We're here to tackle all your challenges with:

1You Break It We Fix It

Content marketing involves rolling your sleeves up and working in the backend of your site.
We've don't want to stall your efforts because something has seems to have gone wrong. Usually just undoing the last action can solve common issues. But when that doesn't work, or is not an option, just let us know and we'll fix it for you, free of charge.
Servicing WordPress websites since 2006 means we seen everything, so tinker without worry.

2Minor edits, no problem.

Forget how to do something?
No time to tackle a task?
Tried and failed, but need it done right away?
Not sure if you could do it if you tried?
Don't worry, we will take care of it for you.
Any edit request that involves less than 20 minutes of attention from our Service staff is accomplished at no charge. We have the skills and expertise to tackle just about any minor request swiftly. Typical requests might include image changes, HTML updates, minor CSS (theme style) changes, plugin installation, etc.
Should your request be much more involved (complex design edit, section redevelopment, custom programming, etc) we quote at $75/hr and only bill upon your approval.

3You have questions, we have answers.

You can't ask a question about your website that we haven't already answered.
Ask away! Just send us an email, and we'll get right back with you.
Topics we typically field:

Everything WordPress
Lead generation
Domain names
DNS issues
Mobile solutions
Custom design
Internet etiquette
Computer issues
Google tools
Social Media
Video management
Image management
ADA Compliance
Privacy Policy Laws
Real Estate Website Design And Hosting
And much, much more!

4Lifetime platform and plugin upgrades for free.

WordPress is always striving to be the best content management platform on the planet.
Because of this, annually they typically release 2 or 3 major updates to the platform. They also release several minor updates in-between.
Although is it typically quite easy (and safe) to upgrade your WordPress platform, e don't want you to have to worry as to whether you should, or how, or what could happen during an upgrade.
We're here to take care of it for you.
Plugins, like WordPress, are also organic in that they demand regular upgrade. But since these programs are developed by a 3rd party (not WP) things can go wrong and require the attention of a skilled professional to de-tangle. Click to learn about Plugins.
We're here to take care of this for you, as well.

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