IDX Websites
for Realtors

Wherever you are, we've got you covered.

IDX Websites for Realtors

Wherever you are, we've got you covered.

Our partnerships with the most dependable IDX companies allow us to offer
IDX websites for Realtors for just about every MLS board in the country.

We commonly integrate the IDX plugins from,,, FlexMLS, Diverse Solutions, KVCore and more.

We've expertly integrated hundreds of IDX platforms into our real estate clients' websites, and are here to answer any of your IDX questions.

Ask Us Anything About IDX Powered Real Estate Websites

Ask Us About IDX Powered Real Estate Websites

Leverage the power of MLS Data to impress your audience.

Here are the most common questions we are asked about idx websites for Realtors.
1With Zillow and dominating the MLS search space online, why would I want to invest in IDX?

It's true, the big box sites are who your target audience thinks of when they want to search for properties online. But these macro sites dont know the local market like you do. They don't understand the nuances of how your target audience wants to search based on their needs. You do.

By leveraging the IDX tools to organize the data into a much more comprehensive presentation, you make it clear to your target audience that you understand their needs.

For example, if an area is best searched by lifestyle (as opposed to just price and size) you can place a widget offering search options like Golf properties, Lake properties, Horse properties, Condos, etc.

Also, if you are dedicated to showcasing the communities that you specialize in, you'd me remiss to not include listings along with your write up, pictures, videos, stats, etc.

So although they might not be coming to the site to start a search, they will stay on the site because of it.

2How much is an IDX Subscription?

We work with all the big IDX Companies such as:
Diverse Solutions
and more.

Pricing falls between $50/month to $100/month (for an agent website) depending on the level of services you include in the subscription. Brokers can expect to pay more depending in the number of agents on the roster.

Most IDX companies will charge a setup fee of around $100, and there could be an addititional fee from your web developer to integrate it for your needs. For example, if you have 20 communities that all need to showcase listings on their respective page, this will require some manual work, done at an hourly rate, to sort it all out.

Around half of all the MLS Boards have a fee called "Pass-Thru" which is tacked on to the monthly subscription. This fee ranges from $1/month to $30/month (I'm looking at you NWMLS).

3Does an IDX Website help my SEO?

It can. But usually it doesn't.

It doesn't because most people don't put in the work it takes to make a difference. If you are just flipping on an IDX, offering simple searches, simple results, and your featured properties, then you're not setting yourself apart from anyone else getting indexed into the search engines.

How can an IDX website for Realtors improve your SEO?

  • Make sure listings are directly under your domain – not framed.
  • Create pages unique to your target audience's needs and display active listings for those parameters.
  • Create landing pages for all the different lifestyle and price searches for those unique needs, and display active listings for those parameters.
  • Publish blog posts with active listings, and link from those posts to the above mentioned landing pages when appropriate.
  • Use your chosen keywords or terms in Title tags & permalinks.
  • Use different terms and keywords on different types of IDX pages.
  • Social share buttons let consumers, and YOU share listings in social media.
  • Shared listings create valuable backlinks to your site.

1How does an IDX website help you capture leads?

Email Alerts of New Listings
Clients and prospects can sign up for email updates that alert them to new listings that meet their search criteria.You’ll be alerted to click-throughs, allowing you to monitor their interest.

Save Listings and/or Searches
Site visitors can save, rate and comment on their portfolio of properties using the Property Organizer included in your site. They can create and edit saved searches and email alert settings here as well.

Contact Forms & Registration Prompts
A variety of lead capture forms allow site visitors to schedule showings, request information and more. Customize when, where and how visitors are prompted to register in the search process.

Traffic Reporting & Lead Management
A variety of reports keep you up-to-date on what leads are searching for and viewing on your site, while leads and activity summaries come directly to your inbox. Access all lead activity and information from your smartphone.

2Which IDX Company does the Real Estate Tomato recommend?

Selecting an IDX usually comes down to choosing the one that best suits your needs. Some are easier to customize than others, but that can cost more and take longer. Some are easier to integrate than others, but have a real basic look and feel. Others don't offer sold data, but everything else is perfect.

Give us a call, send us an email - we'd love to help answer all your questions and help you make the best decision for your IDX website needs.