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I logged on this morning and saw the new design. Wow! It looks amazing and it is exactly what I imagined. RE Tomato understood my vision and put it to pixels in such a short time.
Tracey Thomas

Semi-Custom is the right option for one of 3 scenarios:

Do It Yourself

You have the desire to further customize the full-featured theme yourself,

Little Customization

You require very little theme customization to get the look that you require.

3rd Party Theme

You have a WP theme from that you want us to set up properly.

Semi-Custom Theme Package

We will design & development of a full-featured, responsive, WordPress theme for your
real estate needs.

  • 8 hours of development
  • Quick turn-around
  • Room for growth
  • Great for DIY

Since 2006 we have built over
1,000 custom real estate websites.

Here are the most common questions we are asked about the Semi-Custom Website Package:

Will this package be enough for my needs?

The main difference between the Semi-Custom and the Full-Custom website packages is the amount of hours dedicated to the customization of your theme. The Full-Custom allows us dedicate up to 24 hours for the customization of your theme, whereas the Semi-Custom option is just 8 hours.

The Semi-Custom theme is typically the right option for one of 3 scenarios:
You have the desire to further customize the full-featured theme yourself,
You don’t require much customization to get the theme looking like you require.
You have a WP theme from that you want us to set up properly.

If you have specific design needs, to get the look you are hoping for, and don’t want to have to do all the heavy-lifting yourself, then we’ll need to take advantage of the Full-Custom package.

The 8 hours typically allows us to cover:
The development of a custom color scheme
Inclusion of your brand
Masthead/header layout
Navigation setup
Calls-to-action set up
And the inclusion of blog/body and footer components.
All themes have Interior Pages with widgetized sidebars, full-width templates, and/or custom headers.

What the 8 hours WILL NOT be able to cover:
Branding development (logo, custom theme brand, icons, slogan/copy, etc.)
Custom slider/animation development
Custom interior page development (additional headers, sliders, etc.)
Custom real estate components (Custom quick search, custom map, listings or community galleries, etc.)
Image Consulting/Research/Purchase (You will need to provide all your theme images)
Custom designed components (custom blog layout, testimonials component, video gallery, etc.)
Basically, anything above and beyond the design and set up of the basic layout, with your specific directions and needs, will require us to move to the Full Custom Website Package.

What if need more than the 8 hours?
You will need to sign up for our Full Custom Website Package.
Please note that 90% of the projects we do are Full Custom themes.

What is Full-Featured?

You often read “full featured” when describing a website package.
Well, here is a look into what we at the Tomato mean:

Unlimited Pages, Content and Space
Search Engine Optimized
100% Responsive For All Devices
Sticky Header/Navigation
Reina Ready
Custom Blog Post Types (Standard, Video, Audio, Gallery, Quote)
Ton of Amazing Shortcodes for Enhanced Content
200+ Font Awesome Icons
300+ Retina Icons
500+ Google Fonts
Premium Sliders (Revolution & Flex)
Language Translation Ready
Fully Widgetized Pages, Sidebars, Footer and Infobar
Custom Headers of Every Page
Custom Interior Page Templates
Custom Background For Every Page
Social Media Sharing Built In
Social Media Profiles Integration
HTML5 and CSS3 Built
All Browser COmpatible (FF, Chrome, IE8+, Safari)
Tons Of Additional On-The-Spot Customization Options
Free Platform Upgrades for Life

And more! I just got tired of listing it all.

What happens during the 8 hours, exactly?

We dedicate up to 5 hours to the actual designing of the theme.
This includes any photoshop/illustrator work required, as well as development of the custom HTML and CSS.

2 hours is dedicated to the initial design interview (~1 hour) and design review/revision appointment (~ 1 hour).

We also dedicate up to an 1 hour to setting up your WordPress platform, theme files, and server configuration.

If your project is going to require more design hours, you will need get started with our Full Custom Package.

How long does it take?

The typical turn-around for the development of a semi-custom, full-featured theme is less than 15 days.

This time can vary depending on your availability for input, feedback, interviews, and training.

Our goal is to bring this development period down to as little as 7 days.
In order to make this a reality we have recently built-out a platform that allows us to custom design directly to WordPress, saving us many steps in the process. But the real magic is in your preparedness. The more detailed you can be with your needs, when it comes to the look and feel of the site, the faster we can deliver that vision as a reality.

What is the process?

Every new custom theme project begins with a live design interview (that lasts about 60-90 minutes).

Before the call, you are given a Design Questionnaire of about a dozen questions that helps you prepare to have a constructive meeting with us. The questionnaire covers all of the crucial design elements such as color scheme, branding, masthead, navigation, header, calls-to-action, site architecture, fonts, functionality, real estate specific components, and the footer.

We also discuss your target audience, and consider their needs and expectations.
And finally we look for descriptions and definitions as to what the site should feel like; what emotions should it conjure?

Once we have gathered all this crucial information, we dedicate as much as 5 design hours into the development of a live, custom theme, ready for presentation to you. This whole first phase takes about 7 days.

We have got this process down so well, that our expectation is that the “first pass” turns out to be 75-80% the way there in terms of satisfying your vision. In fact every once in a while the client offers no feedback other than, “It’s perfect! don’t change a thing.”

Once the development theme is complete we meet with you for another live conversation. This time we have the working theme which we can instantly mold from “close” to “finished.” Edits to theme are done “on-the-fly,” involving you intimately with the process. For the Semi-Custom package this is considered the end of the design process.

Once the theme phase is complete, we move into orientation, and training (if purchased).

How can I be sure I get what I want?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”
Benjamin Franklin

Your preparedness is the one wildcard in our system.

If you come to the initial design interview unprepared to constructively discuss the design elements we have outlined in the Design Questionnaire, I can almost guarantee we are going to have a difficulty time getting you what you want.

We have done this over 1000 times. I am confident that with our system, we can deliver exactly what you are envisioning in terms of a unique look for your needs. As you look through our portfolio you will see recent examples of themes we have developed that have been signed off by the client prior to going live. Each theme is another example of our successful completion of the custom design phase.

We are confident that we can deliver exactly what you are looking for, as long as you can help us see your vision.

What will I learn in the 2 Orientation Classes?

The orientation classes are conducted live, one-on-one so that you can have all of your questions answered by an expert, on the spot.

The subject matter typically includes basic WordPress usage, theme management, theme customization, settings, widgets, and plugins.
If you feel you need additional orientation appointments, they can be purchased a la carte.

If you need to learn to master blogging, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and more, you will need to sign up for our world-class-training course.

Can I add the training course to this package?

Of course you can. In fact, our clients will tell you that the success that they have had with their sites has been a direct result of the things they learned in our one-on-one, live, training course.

Click here to learn more about our world-class training.

What about Hosting & Support?

We’re here to tackle your issues with WordPress, Blogging, SEO, Hosting, & Real Estate Web Marketing

Click here to see what your $40/month hosting & service subscription includes.

We’d love to hear how we can help you.

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