Our Design Platform Is a Game Changer!

100% Fully Responsive Themes

Custom Designs for Each Client

Animation Is Back, and It’s Awesome!

Modern Platform Ensures Strong SEO

Modern Design Flair and Effects that Dazzle

Incredible Shortcodes Make Beautiful Content

Full Custom Designs in as Little as 10 Days!

Loaded With Interior Page Customizations

Horizontal Design Trend Friendly.

Universal Platform Upgrades

What Does All the Above Mean?

What is a Responsive Theme?

Responsive means that the design is configured to align itself handsomely on every device.
Your design will look great whether your visitor is looking at it on a phone, pad, tablet, laptop, desktop, tv, or whatever.

I have seen that you have railed against responsive themes in the past.
Why do you now offer a responsive solution?

Early versions of responsive themes, and template responsive themes actually fail to take your mobile audience’s experience into consideration. The irony is that the responsive layout was meant to better the experience for the mobile user, but in most cases it failed. These themes tried to fit the entire desktop website experience into a single, mobile friendly, column. The result was a painfully long website that seemed to go on forever, making it difficult for the mobile user to find the information that they were expecting.

With the Greenhouse platform, we can take the mobile user’s experience into consideration, and create a unique display of your website at each device resolution. This ensures that each and every visitor has a tailor-made experience for their device, which ensures that they will find what they are looking for.

How Custom can it be if it is on a Universal Platform?

We can do anything on this platform.
You may see elements that are similar from one theme to the next, but everything can be designed to your needs.
Every design begins with an interview, and a blank canvas, not a template.
Learn more about our custom design development here.

Animation… sounds interesting. Tell me more.

Animation is now governed through Sliders. Sliders are modern web slideshows that allow for each slide to have layers. A layer would be text, an image or a video that appears on top of the slide. Each layer that is positioned on top of the slide can easily be given a transition effect, location and speed. The control panel allows for very complex animations, and with practice and creativity you can create some very cool effects.

These sliders are fully responsive (meaning that they conform to the size of the user’s screen) and, unlike Flash, are visible on all devices.

When adding text layers to the sliders, it is done with HTML, so this content is seen by the search engines. So yes, it is SEO friendly.

Why would upgrading my site platform improve my website SEO?

SEO quality of a website refers no only to the quality of the content of your website, but the entire user experience. This means you also need to focus on the usability of your website as much as you do on the content itself. Navigation, calls-to-action, mobile/tablet experience, and general architecture flow are crucial elements that must be considered because they will be scrutinized.

If your site’s structure and/or experience are outdated, then this may mean that it is time for a makeover.

Recent public updates to Google’s algorithm make it clear that they are giving preference to contemporary websites, burying some older sites deeper in the results.

Our Greenhouse platform is not only a perfect solution to keep pace with the demands of Google’s algorithm today, but it will continue to evolve to keep up with future considerations. As described in detail below, the Greenhouse is an ever evolving, and improving design platform that will have your theme at the ready for staying relevant.

Flair! I want more flair!

Mouseover effects, transition effects, loading effects… Eye Candy!

We’ve got your your flair.

Just ask and/or show us what you want and we’ll make it happen.

What are Shortcodes and why should I care?

Definition from WordPress: A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut.

For example, these Toggle FAQs that you are reading are easily created with a shortcode.


The Greenhouse is packed with tons of great and useful shortcodes that you can leverage to create cool, custom content display with little effort. Here a many of the types of shortcodes that you can use to create beautiful content.


Google Fonts
Google Maps
Parallax Images
Pricing Tables
Responsive Images
Retina Icons
Social Icons
Skill Bars
Styled Tables
Tool Tips
Video Embed

How can you design a full-custom theme in as little as 10 days?

The typical turn-around for the development of a custom designed, full-featured, real estate theme is less than 21 days.

This time can vary depending on your availability for input, feedback, interviews, and training.

After developing over 1,000 custom themes from scratch, we have developed a well-oiled system that ensures we deliver to your expectation.

Our goal, for each project, is to bring this development period down to as little as 10 days. The Greenhouse helps make this a reality because we can custom design directly to WordPress, saving us many steps in the development phase. But the real magic is in your preparedness. The more detailed you can be with your needs, when it comes to the look and feel of the site, the faster we can deliver that vision as a reality.

What are Interior Page Customizations?

This is where it gets FUN!

Instead of using a rigid interior template for all your site’s pages, with the Greenhouse platform, you can showcase each and every page completely differently.

Firstly you can choose to have a sidebar on the left, or the right, or none at all. You can even have a custom sidebar for each page or pages. Or, to showcase cool effects like a parallax image, you can use a 100% width page layout.

Secondly, the titlebar/header of each page can be completely custom per page. Click around our website and you will see unique animated sliders, and images used at the top of every page. No two are the same. You could do the same, or have no titlebar feature at all. It’s amazing.

Use the Greenhouse platform to treat each page like it is the only page of your website!

Instead of just

What is the Horizontal Design Trend and why is it trending?

You will see most contemporary themes moving away from running vertical columns in their design.

The trend has moved to stacking components, one on top of the other, revealing each as you scroll down through the site.

An example of stacked components:
Navigation Menu
Hero Slider
Featured Communities
Footer Widgets
Copyright Bar

Imagine each of the above all designed to flow as a theme, but each unique to showcase their content and function.

The main reason for this trend has been the demand for responsive themes. A responsive theme needs to be able configure all the showcased components into a single column for mobile devices. If all the components are already stacked horizontally, it makes organizing the code, styles and design much easier.

The other reason for this trend is the demand to make a website’s message clearer. By using large horizontal components as opposed to vertical columns, the main message(s) of a site do not need to compete for real estate, and attention.

Why do I want to be a on platform that is Universally Upgraded?

Typically when a company develops a custom site for you, it is an ISLAND of custom code and design. This is because many of the design elements are unique to your custom theme, and were created just for you.

The challenge with this is that your site’s design is only going to improve as you pay for it to approve. And in most cases, this can entail having to tear it down and start again as trends change, or your needs change.

We have changed the game for custom theme design.

Now, with the Greenhouse platform, your theme is connected to a universal library of code and features that is growing and evolving with each and every site we develop.

What this means to you is that your custom site is no longer an island, isolated from the trends, changes, and needs that are sure to come. For example, two years from now, when you see components that we have developed for other clients, that inspire a significant change for your theme, your theme will be able to “accept” these changes/additions very easily.

This will ensure fast edits to your theme with little to no cost to you because of the ease in which these changes are tackled.

We’d love to hear how we can help you.

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